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iSolar System

iSolar System
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  • iSolar System
(iba anglická verzia)
iSolar System: An Augmented Reality Book Hardcover by Carlton Kids (Author)
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(iba anglická verzia)
iSolar System takes the reader on a journey from the Moon, to Mars, to the outer planets and finally beyond, using stunning AR images based on the American Natural History Museum's Beyond Planet Earth Exhibition.

Readers will learn about the history of Moon exploration, the possibilities of asteroid mining, the problems that will face future colonies on Mars and dozens of other exciting challenges that face the space scientists of today and tomorrow.

Special Items Include:
Eleven great Augmented Reality functions -
• AR 1: The solar system: see spectacular close-ups of the sun and planets • AR2: The Moon: see the moon spinning in front of you • AR3: Moon base: peek inside a futuristic moon base • AR4: Lunar elevator: take a ride to the moon and back • AR5: Asteroid: see the crater-scarred surface of a distant asteroid • AR6: Mars and moons: see the red planet orbiting in space • AR7: Mars spacecraft: how will we transport people to Mars? • AR8: Curiosity Rover: drive the rover around your living room • AR9: Mars plane: unmanned craft could survey the Martian surface • AR10: Europa: Jupiter's moon Europa may harbour life • AR11: Jupiter and Moons: majestic Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Minimum system requirements: This product works with the following Apple devices using iOS version 4.3 and above: iPhone 3GS and upwards, iPod Touch 4G and upwards, iPad2 and upwards. Plus devices using Android version 4.0 and above based on ARM7 processors and with an OpenGL2 graphics capability.

DruhKniha / Book
JazykAnglický / English
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