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Frequently asked questions from you ... will you look up yours?

  • Added: 01.04.2021

Why do you have a minimum order?
Because most of our items have a very low value. We have set a minimum order/payment of € 10.
If you ordered for a small amount, in addition to shipping, we would have to add a fee for the packaging material and handling of goods. In the end, we would get nevertheless the amount in the approximate value of the minimum order. By this way you order maybe more goods than you planned, but you will get more value for the same money. We see more of what you like and what we have to prepare next for you. And finally, thanks to the increase in your purchase, we can contribute to your transport with advantageous prices (in Slovakia, actually the cheapest delivery free for the each order).
However, we believe that you will choose much more from our offer. Interesting volume discounts, any free shipping or a coupon for the next purchase are waiting for you.
When do you ship the goods and how long will the delivery takes?
We keep the goods in stock, so we will pack and ship it within 1-2 business days immediately after confirming the order  (when paying in advance after receiving the payment). It may differ during the holiday and Christmas period.
Delivery depends on the distance to which we send the goods. In Slovakia it takes about 1-2 business days. To neighboring countries a day more. The more remote the country is, the longer it takes and the required days for delivery increase. The shipment travels overseas even several weeks. You can see where your shipment is currently located via the Internet based on the sent information about the sent order.
Why don't you have a personal pick-up point?
Because we don't have brick-and-mortar stores and we don't work with cash or payment terminals.
For Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we use the Mailroom service, thanks to which you can pick up the order in person, pay in advance by bank transfer or when picking up in cash or by card, and that all close to your place of residence where it suits you best.
Do you send goods all over the world? My country is not in the list of countries. Can I order from you?
Yes, we send our goods wherever they please someone. If you did not find your country in the list of countries, when entering the address, select the nearest country with similar transport parameters as yours. In the fourth step of the basket, it is possible to write us a Note. Indicate your country there, or what you need to tell us.
How do you pack the goods? Won't it be damaged along the way?
We pack postcards in bubble wrap or bubble envelope, or box (depending on the volume of ordered goods).
We pack each fragile item separately in bubble wrap and store it in a box so that it cannot move during transport. We fill the free space with air cushions, bubble wrap, cartons or store it in two boxes so that even with a careless handling during the transport the goods will not be damaged.
Why is the price in € displayed somewhere, even if I turn on my currency? Why is the price different today than it was yesterday?
The price for the goods is set in € (EUR). You can change it in the upper right corner of the website.
The price will be converted according to the current exchange rate set by the European Bank. The price of the products as well as other items in the shopping cart will change automatically. The price will not change where it is not affected by the system (for example, in the article on the Traffic Overview).
If you want to have the same price, set your currency to € (EUR).
Can I add a note to the order?
Yes, in the fourth step in the shopping cart. Please write only in Slovak, Czech or English language.



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